Movirack mobile pallet racking systems


Mobile pallet racking is fitted on guided mobile bases with the aim of reducing the number of aisles in your storage system and increasing warehouse capacity without losing direct access to each pallet.
Each mobile pallet racking base is motorized and fitted with mechanisms to enable movement of the mobile pallet racking system, electronic equipment and safety systems are installed on all mobile pallet racking to guarantee safe and efficient operations.

Mobile pallet racking system advantages:

  • Optimal racking system for cold stores (refrigeration & freezer stores)
  • Increase in warehouse capacity through a more flexible footprint
  • Elimination of individual access aisles
  • mobile pallet racking system bases have motors, sliders and several safety systems to ensure safe and efficient operation

Mobile racking storage systems can be installed to function manually, by remote control or by computer. Any type of racking solution can be used with mobile bases.
If you have Dexion racking or similar mobile racking / long span shelving system we can complete with our superior pallet racking and Mecalux racking and Mecalux long span shelving systems. These can be integrated with other racking systems and shelving systems. Click here to arrange a site survey by our mobile pallet racking system design team or alternatively phone Fayco in Dublin on: 01-8200100 – or email –

Mobile warehouse racking system |  mobile pallet racking from Fayco Dublin | Mecalux mobile pallet racking system

Call Fayco 01-8200100 for a no obligation pallet racking quote available across Ireland – At the best price & service for all our warehouse storage shelving & racking Mecalux systems

Mecalux mobile pallet racking system

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