Pallet racking FAQ’s

What size is Pallet racking?

Standard pallet racking beams generally fall into racking beams between 1350mm and 3300mm these measurements vary as certain manufactured brand racking differ. Correct design and spec. when surveyed will ensure Fayco’s pallet racks won’t present your company with issues if you are extending your current shelving and racking units.. Pallet racking either too large or too small can present a host of issues

What is standard racking height?

Spanning between each upright pallet racking frame, beams support the actual pallets within. This is called a ‘bay’. The higher the frames and further spaced the beams, the larger frame work allowing more pallet bays available for pallet storage solutions. However, the general average pallet racking system height is approx: 7.62 Meters (7620mm) with given safety factors such as fork / pick truck height and various other structural concerns.

standard Pallet sizes

What size is a Euro pallet

Euro pallet size and UK pallet sizes are usually the same standard dimensions – Pallet measurements are: 120(cm) x 100(cm) x 220(cm). These sizes are classed as a standardized pallet in Europe and the United kingdom. A standard Euro pallet 1200mm x 800mm

What is the max height of a pallet?

As a general rule of thumb, you can safely stack a standard pallet up to 152.4 cm high. For product and protection of your goods / stock heavier boxes are stacked on the bottom and lighter boxes on top to promote safety and protect the goods ensuing they arrive to your customers damage free.

What are GMA pallets and their standard sizes?

Standard GMA sized shipping pallets are normally sized at 121.92cm X 101.6 cm. GMA stands for Grocery Manufacturers association, the pallet typically weighs 16.78 Kgs and the normal max load of the pallet is 2087 Kgs.

What are the different types of pallets?

1.Block Pallets. These pallets are known for their four-way entry, meaning they can be accessed by forklifts on all four sides. …
2.Stringer Pallets. …
3.Double-Face Pallet. …
4. GMA pallet
5.Solid Deck Pallet.

Pallet racking specifications

How many pallets are in a rack?

It is paramount to accurately know how much weight a pallet can safely support to avoid overloading, damage to contents, lifting equipment or the safety of your staff. Also transport companies must have clear indication of the S.W.L. (safe working load). As a rule of thumb, typical pallet rack compartments or pallet racking ‘cell’ can hold two pallets, approximately each weighing 908 Kgs., on a pair of beams, for a total of 1815 Kgs (kilograms) .

How do you measure a pallet rack?

Take a Measurement across the outside edge of the upright. This will give you the depth of the upright. Usually, the depth normally ranges from 3 to 4 feet but, as with cross beams, custom pallet racks may be a different size. Measure the outside face of the vertical column and then measure the inside face of the column.

What is the standard warehouse rack size?

2.4384 meter long beams are by far the most common beam length and allow for the storage of two standard 122cm x 101.6cm pallets. Allow for at least 76.2mm of clearance between the upright and the pallet, and 101.6mm of clearance between pallets.
3.6576 meter long beams are also common and allow for three standard pallets on each beam level.

What is standard pallet racking height?

Each pallet racking upright frame, has beams supporting between the actual pallets. This is commonly known within as a ‘bay’. The height of the frames and further spaced apart the pallet racking bay support beams, the more pallet bays available; however, the average rack height is about 7.62 meters.

What are different types of pallet racking configuration and specifications?

Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems – (or conventional pallet racking system)
Selective Pallet Rack.
Double Deep.
Push-Back Racking.
Pallet Flow Rack.
Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack.
Roll Formed Cantilever Rack.

Steel mesh protection for pallet racking – provide security and prevent damage to goods

conventional pallet racking

Standard warehouse pallet racking system

Push-Back Racking.

Mobile racking on tracks also available automated

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racking

Ideal for cold storage products FIFO

Cantilever Racking

Rolled formed

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