Pallet racking FAQ’s

What size is Pallet racking?

A Standard pallet size determines the pallet racking specifications, for conventional Mecalux frame’s a depth of 1,100mm is normally used for a 1,200mm deep europallet. racking beams and the detail of their measurements vary on a host of factors including :
*Pallet sizes
*Frame depth for pallets handled sideways & pallets handled length wise
*Pallet bay or space clearance (determined by class of pallet handling equipment i.e. – Class400 – counter balance fork / reach truck, Class300 A – Man up VNA trucks, etc.)
as certain manufactured brand racking differ. Correct design and spec. when surveyed will ensure Fayco’s pallet racks won’t present your company with issues if you are extending your current shelving and racking units.. Pallet racking either too large or too small can present a host of issues

What is standard racking height?

The working aisle measurement between each rack and the rack height depends upon the characteristics of the forklift trucks or lifting devices, pallet size and the height of the warehouse itself. given safety factors such as fork / pick truck height and various other structural concerns.

How can I find the best pallet racking specifications to suit our current and future business needs?

Call Fayco 01-8200100 for a no obligation pallet racking quote available across Ireland – At the best price & service for all our warehouse storage shelving & racking Mecalux systems

standard Pallet sizes

What size is a Euro pallet

Europallets have the standard pallet sizes dimensions – 800mm x 1200mm (they are handled sideways by their shorter edge).

A Perimeter base pallet are built to the Europallet standard pallet size with the addition of two ‘skids’ on the base that are cross connected to the other 3 skids.

‘Standard Pallet sizes / measurements are: 1200 mm x 1000mm These sizes are classed as a standardized pallet in the United kingdom. A standard Euro pallet 1200mm x 800mm

Pallet racking

Pallet racking accessories Pallet racking specifications

How does Fayco determine the pallet racking specifications

It is paramount to accurately know how much weight a pallet can safely support to avoid overloading the first task following your warehouse pallet racking site survey is to carry out structural calculations which can be undertaken once racking tolerances, clearances and buckling have been determined. Working to the Eurocodes (Steel static storage systems EN 15512) all Mecalux pallet racking is calculated, designed and constructed to the main criteria from all of the relevant European norms.

What are the structural components of conventional pallet racking?

The basic structural pallet racking parts include – Frames, Beams, row spacers, safety lock mechanism, anchor bolts, upright protectors, lateral protector barrier, cross bracing, pallet support bar and top portal ties. These provide the basic structural design components with a myriad of factors forming the aspects to be taken into consideration for the design such as site specifics, racking tolerance (pallet S.W.L. / type), clearances, reach height. What if you require a racking and shelving solution for a combination of product storage bays? Fayco can supply a range of pallet racking system accessories to suit the most demanding storage environment enabling our storage solutions to adapt with your business and logistical needs.

What types of pallet racking accessories are available?

  • Mixed beams for pallets and picking beams for loose good storage and shelving
  • Galvanized shelves of varying types to suit the application: shelves that sit on the beams or picking shelves with flanges to interlock
  • Pallet racking shelves – galvanized available in: Solid metal panel, slotted metal panel & perforated PKM panel
  • Mesh shelves for racking – with cross tie supports to provide added strength to the pallet racking mesh shelf
  • Chipboard shelves for racking – 3 types available (with clamps, added deck supports, etc.) to suit the beams and end use application for the shelf
  • Pallet racking protectors – floor level lateral frame protection from light impacts, upright frame, corner protectors and upright reinforcers are available to provide damage protection while designed to minimize loss in clearance and not to interfere with pallet moves within aisles and loading bays.

What are different types of pallet racking configuration and specifications?

Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems – (or conventional pallet racking system)
Selective Pallet Rack.
Double Deep.
Push-Back Racking.
Pallet Flow Rack.
Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack.
Roll Formed Cantilever Rack.

Steel mesh protection for pallet racking – provide security and prevent damage to goods

conventional pallet racking

Standard warehouse pallet racking system

Push-Back Racking.

Mobile racking on tracks also available automated

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racking

Ideal for cold storage products FIFO

Cantilever Racking

Rolled formed

Expand your storage space with convenience and value from Fayco Pallet racking solutions – 01-8200100


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