Fayco Dublin supply and install Mecalux pallet racking system to customers across Ireland that require value, fast service and the best pallet racks on the market today

MECALUX CONVENTIONAL PALLET RACKING SYSTEM – Pallet racking prices Call: 01-8200100 to speak to our pallet racking system team for new pallet rack for sale at ‘The’ best pallet racking prices across Ireland

Mecalux pallet racking & pallet storage shelving and pallet racking represents the best response for those warehouses in which a racking is necessary to allow your staff not only store palletized products on pallet racking with a wide range to suit your product logistical movements, load capacity for safety, ease of access for products being taken in for storage (and kept safe while on your premises ).
A correctly designed Pallet racking system from Fayco will substantially reduce your product inventory losses during the safe storage on the racking & when pallets exit your store warehouse to meet your valued customers orders and product damage occurs to some of the cheaper poorly designed & installed pallet racking systems on offer.

Here at Fayco engineering, we differ: Our pallet racking systems are tried and tested from market leaders globally ‘Mecalux’ – tailored specification is provided by Fayco engineering to suit your pallet racking and shelving system with the aid of our design team providing over 40 years experience from our Dublin 15 base. Our pallet racking prices are competitive by constant investment in the latest technology CNC drilling & computer aided design. Our racking surveyor brings a wealth of knowledge to the table from the 1000’s of pallet racking installations carried out by our expert in house fabricators, welders and an installation team that is second to none

The correct pallet racking system can save your employees time & money and costly errors for incorrect dispatches. Call our pallet racking sales team for our market leading pallet racking for sale at the most competitive pallet racking prices in Ireland & Northern Ireland in 2022

Pallet racking for sale | nationwide sales and installation of all types of pallet racking systems - And Fayco guarantee our pallet racking prices will match or beat our competitors in the racking and shelving market in Ireland

Advantages of our conventional pallet racking

  • Standard pallet racking is available in clip-in (roll formed) pallet racks or structural pallet racking
  • Goods can be easily removed from the Mecalux pallet racking system or our guaranteed Irish fabricated cantilever pallet racking, perfect for off size loads, outdoor applications as each pallet rack can be accessed without the need to shift other pallets.
  • Total stock control: each storage or pallet rack space is taken up by a single pallet.
  • Maximum adaptability of pallet racking and shelving to any load type both in terms of weight and volume
  • Standard pallet racking twin bays offer safe working load (SWL) of 2000 Kg per level
  • Pallet racking for sale in Dublin from Fayco engineering with our guaranteed pallet racking prices that we will match or better any supplier across Ireland & Northern Ireland. ( T&C’s apply)
Mecalux pallet racking system | pallet racks & shelving available in both clip in or structural racking | To get further information on pallet rack prices and pallet racking for sale phone 01-8200100

A conventional pallet racking warehouse is generally laid out with single-entry wall pallet racks on the perimeter sides and double-entry pallet racking in the middle. The working aisle measurement between each pallet rack and the pallet racking height depends upon the characteristics of the fork-lift trucks or lifting devices, pallet size and the height of the warehouse itself. Fayco have a wide range of shelving & pallet racking systems from the Mecalux pallet racking range to meet almost any requirement. We also have tailored pallet racking systems and solutions to meet your criteria. Contact our pallet racking sales and design team and request a quote for standard pallet racks on Dublin – 01 8200100
or – sales@fayco.ie

Pallet racks offer

Limited offer on new Mecalux pallet racking, this twin bay pallet racking – click here for further information on pallet racking for sale ** LIMITED STOCK

Pallet racks from the Mecalux pallet racking system

Call Fayco 01-8200100 for a no obligation pallet racking quote available across Ireland – At the best price & service for all our warehouse storage shelving, pushback racking and the full range of Mecalux pallet systems

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