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At Fayco engineering Dublin we offer steel drilling and metal drilling services capable of producing high-quality metalwork across a range of thicknesses. CNC steel drilling services are available for our customers in Ireland at Fayco’s steel fabrication and steel drilling workshop in Dublin 15. With engineering and construction projects becoming more reliant on steel structures and components, achieving high standards of bolting and joining has never been more important with speed at the heart of steel fabrication and steel building which we provide with precise uncompromising steel and metal detail work at market leading prices for drilling your steel components to exacting tolerances.
This ensures a partnership with many of our client businesses – relying on Fayco’s speed and knowledge that allows customers the comfort in knowing the detail specification is met on all metal work carried out translating to hassle free site assembly at prices that we guarantee will be cost effective in comparison to equipment hire and man hours to drill your steel. Contact us for a quote and let us show you how we can save your time and money. It keeps our steel drilling customers coming back time and time again for our exacting work at unbeatable prices.

Steel drilling types

CNC steel Drilling – An automated machine that allows rapid drilling of accurate holes in many steel work products. A programmable drill pattern allows precision steel drilling with holes drilled in your steel section accurate to within a fraction of a millimetre. Owing to the efficient workflows of the CNC drill, we are able to fabricate items like beams, columns, plates and flat bars at incredible speed and efficiency. Our steel drilling fabrication specialists understand the importance of steel drilling to the the strictest tolerance as we employ this technology and service on a daily basis for our own mezzanine floor construction division, everything must be ‘plug & play’ when the steel components arrive to site with the engineering drawing specification followed to the letter it ensures no down time during assembly and a smooth installation of all steel drilled and bolted component pieces whether structural, peripheral or any of the steel constituent parts.

Manual steel drilling – For bespoke architectural metal work a manual steel drill can be more suitable to the task of custom products such as balconies, balustrades, staircases and canopies. To contact our metal fabrication team click here and provide some basic information for a quick call back & estimate for your steel drilling and metal fabrication service requirement.

Metal fabrication & steel drilling services

Key factors for precise metal and steel drilling
Fayco engineering provide our steel drilling services at our Dublin steel fabrication workshop and warehouse in Damastown Dublin 15 where our experienced metal fabricators design and build a wide range of metal and steel products such as mezzanine flooring and pallet racking systems for installation in clients business premises across Ireland. This gives Fayco the understanding that end users in steel construction and assembly on site require. With over four decades of steel fabrication Fayco’s drilled steel process will provide:

  • Smooth deburred holes
  • Highest quality industrial drill bits including titanium, vanadium and cobalt
  • Correctly lubricated during the drill process

Fayco Engineering Dublin – Precision steel drilling and metal drilling services

accurate meticulous express steel drilling services call our metal fabrication shop on 01-8200100 or for a no obligation quote – click here to send details of your steel drilling specification requirement
CNC Steel & metal drilling services Dublin – Fayco steel fabrication engineers Dublin 01 – 8200100
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