Fayco shelving – Our long span shelving is a shelving system designed for the manual storage of products. Ideal for different article types in small and varying quantities, and with a split turnover.

The shelving is formed by vertical frames and beams, and shelves supported on these beams. The system is suitable for the storage of large or heavy items. The different accessories, storage racks and shelves can be adapted to the products to be stored.

Advantages of long span shelving and longspan racking : –

  • Long span shelving is Ideal option for different article types and split turnover.
  • Long span shelving suitable for storing large or heavy items.
  • Adjustable loads levels.
  • Our long span shelving is quick & easy to assemble.
  • This shelving system allows the height of the warehouse to be maximized by installing gangways with access to higher levels of storage or by mechanical devices which lift the operator to the required height.
Fayco engineering - Warehouse storage pallet racking and mobile pallet racking solutions from Mecalux. - Mobile pallet racks - Mobile pallet racking systems
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