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Lockers of all types & sizes – Fayco are Ireland’s premier locker suppliers

Large capacity uniform lockers

Single metal lockers available in one door or two tier lockers up to four tier lockers ideal for changing rooms, uniform lockers, workplace and a range of storage locker requirements.
Our metal changing room personal effects lockers & Janitors’ lockers are ideal for all workplace changing room environments for work uniform and attire and changing along with secure storage of personal effects and garment disposal lockers for laundry collection services, all our metal range of lockers are available in colors and sloping / ventilated tops, lockable for security and most of our locker range are available for next day flat pack delivery at the Best metal locker prices available in Ireland today!

  • workplace lockers | school lockers | changing room lockers | gym lockers | locker suites
  • Workplace lockers | Changing room lockers
  • Uniform lockers | Budget sloping top lockers
  • Personal effects lockers | Janitors’ lockers
  • | Garment disposal collection lockers |
  • – Next day flat packed lockers –
 Changing room lockers | uniform lockers | Budget sloping top lockers| Garment disposal collection lockers | Next day flat packed lockers

Fayco carry the complete Probe locker range with lockers ideal for wet areas such as swimming pool changing rooms, gym changing room lockers. Probe lockers are available in a multitude of colours, sizes and door configurations.

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