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Mobile Shelving

The Movibloc mobile shelving systems. Fayco Ireland are mobile shelving manufacturers and installers of premium mobile shelving solutions across Ireland.  Mobile shelving units are a set of shelving units mounted upon mobile bases which move along rails, thereby guaranteeing optimal order and security of the archived material.

Advantages of mobile shelving

  • Creates ample storage space.
  • Can be adapted to any available space.
  • Mobile shelving is lockable for the security of archived material.
  • Mobile shelving is Versatile with options including lockable doors, dividers & file cradles.
  • Easy to assemble and our mobile shelving systems are available in a choice of colors.

The sliding door mechanism can be: manual, automatic or manual-mechanical.

Mobile shelving can be used for a wide range of applications, such as spare parts outlets, bookshops or pharmacies, as well as the more usual application of document archives.

mobile shelving | mobile shelving systems

 mobile shelving units

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